Monday, December 30, 2019

Trump Admin's National Security Advisor Doesn't Know (or Forgets?) Kim Jong-un's Surname

From the transcript of the 12/29/19 edition of ABC News' "This Week:" Bold face is ours... "ROBERT O'BRIEN, U.S. NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER (sic): Yes, we always monitor the situation. And Chairman un (sic) has said that there would be something over Christmas." As widely known, the "Supreme Leader's" patronymic is not the final syllable of his name but instead the first: "Kim," as in "Chairman Kim," the most recent of the three generations of the "Kim Dynasty." In most cases, the family name is the first part of a Korean name when transliterated. IOW, the "last name" is the first name when written in English.
To demonstrate the frequency of the surname "Kim" in the Koreas, after the activist became President of South Korea, Kim met with Kim Jong-il, then head of North Korea and father of the Kim now in charge there. Reminds us of back-in-day when CBS News' Walter Cronkite on nearly a nightly basis mispronounced the name of the famous human rights activist as Kim Dae-yung (instead of the correct "jung" with a "J" sound.) Then again, Cronkite was not managing US security policy toward the Koreas. For stories about the US conflict with North Korea along its border with South Korea, see our sister site:

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