Friday, February 28, 2014

Deposed Ukraine Prez Hints at Civil War with Reference to "Bandera Thugs," NY Times Bungles Explanation

"Mr. Yanukovych, in a news conference Friday in Rostov-on-Don,...added, 'People of Crimea don’t want to submit and they will not submit to Bandera thugs,' referring to the World War II era nationalist leader who was vilified by the Soviet Union:"

[This may be the New York Times' understatement of the day.] Ukrainian Resistance Leader Stefan (sometimes spelled "Stepan" or "Stephen") Bandera was not just "vilified" by the Soviets - he was killed by them, murdered with a cyanide gun by a KGB assassin in 1959. 

Bandera (and his "thugs") fought for Ukrainian independence against both the WWII Germans (with whom certain of his forces were said to agree on "ethnic cleansing," according to Soviet history and some Western observers) and the Soviets. After the world war Bandera was the ideological leader of a major anti-Soviet guerrilla war that Ukrainians waged against Moscow for independence (with limited help from the CIA and British intel) during the 1940s and '50s. Yanukovych's comments put his views on this important part of Ukraine's history in alignment with the Soviet/Russian historical perspective of a Ukraine under Moscow's control. The parallel is also obviously seen by the protestors, who used a "Bandera thugs" chant a few days ago.

See declassified CIA documents on the KGB plot to kill Bandera below (the weapon was designed to kill in under two minutes and leave limited evidence) and more on the Ukrainian resistance war with the Soviets here:

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